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2016. szeptember 24., szombat

Maéle art teddy bear by Sieve

Sewing pattern was created according to my own idea and image, This bear is totally handmade.
The eyes are Hungarian glass made especially for this bear. I painted the eyes and added eyelashes made of fimo. Eyelashes had to be baked and painted so that Maéle would look like being alive.:)

It is made of antique fake-fur which I have found by accident so I treasure it. I might be able to use the remainings of this precious fur for making one or two other different-looking bears, but once I run out of it, there will be no replacement. 
The limbs of Maéle are movable. I attached them to the body with buttons for the sake of archaic mood. 

Maéle is a unique bear exlusively meant for collectors and a loving owner who can appreciate the value of uniquity and charm ofthe Sieve style.

Thank you for taking a look at my Maéle

Gabi Sieve

Milyen jó, ha az embert becsvágyak fűtik! Még szerencse, hogy nekem annyi van. És az egészben az a legjobb, hogy soha nem fogyok ki belőlük! Amint elérem az egyik célt, már ott ragyog előttem a másik. Ettől olyan érdekes az élet. Lucy Maud Montgomery

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