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2016. szeptember 24., szombat

Baloo (little Baloo)

11.8 inches (30 centimeters)

Not used to the stories of my bear, but Baloo you need it. 
If I put the pictures of him, the neighbor looked like a bear has been lost somewhere someone (perhaps a child) and about the bear keeps grieving one needs it. 
Look at the face and eyes of expressive look, wait, hoping to become the new owner, a new partner. Someone who wants to, he is the one who will keep him and never lose it. 
Have you ever had a game with a bear by accident? 
Volt. Visualization recalled the memory, and even a hug Baloo I reassured him and whispered to his ear: "The new owner will come soon." I, the artist would be happy if Baloo I found a good home where she could observe quietly but happily. Parameters: This is produced by a single bear their own plans, and 100% handmade. It is made of fake fur, legs painted and signed by the fake-suede. the legs are movable head tilt. Viles body.the bear can not stand, it is planned to lay, sit or hanging off the edge of a shelf.Baloo Is not a game vintage style, I would recommend him to collectors. All inquiries are welcome. Please contact me by e-mail. Be the one who receives this motherless bear home. 

Baloo is not a toy, I recommend him for collectors. Take him home as a loveing companion.

QR code and certificate is attached. 

Gabi Sieve

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Lucy Maud Montgomery

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