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2013. szeptember 21., szombat

Klein Énok-Enoch Klein OOAK teddy bear Sieve


Gabi ( Sieve)

Milyen jó, ha az embert becsvágyak fűtik! Még szerencse, hogy nekem annyi van. És az egészben az a legjobb, hogy soha nem fogyok ki belőlük! Amint elérem az egyik célt, már ott ragyog előttem a másik. Ettől olyan érdekes az élet. 

Lucy Maud Montgomery


2013. szeptember 19., csütörtök

ALEXEY OOAK bear by Sieve

He is a 63 cm full handmade, sculpted teddy bear, really rare one only for collectors!

What you need to know that the ends of the limbs are formed with a ceramic jaw, in which 

the tongue, the teeth, the nose and eyes' area are ceramic.

The eyes were made of glass, the body and limbs working in wireframe so it is adjustable in

 "limited poses".

The bear's body is real fur (dyed rabbit?) I covered, meticulously cut and stitched to be 

more realistic.

Unique, unrepeatable creature from Szita, the Hungarian artists who create unique teddy 

bears, for those art-loving collectors who like unique and high-quality works of art.

QR is associated with the bear certificate proving that specific screen work.

Look at the pictures and you may see it how much meticulous work a love can be found in 

him and he only waits for you to carry him for yourself only, or as gift!

I can only accept PayPal, but I deliver it right after I receive the amount on my bank 

account. I always put the bears into a safe package.

 szitagabi (Sieve)

2013. szeptember 5., csütörtök

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