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2016. szeptember 24., szombat

Déjà vu by Sieve

15.7 inches (40 centimeters)

Déjà vu, my bear is made according to my own plans and sewingpattern. He is made of soft long-fured plush by hand. 
His four limbs are movable, the head is fixed. His eyes are glass, and as his name shows, day Déjà vu. The body is filled with viles and small icelandic pebbles to make it heavier. (The pebbles are cleaned of course.)
Déjà vu's face is very expressive, and he is meant to be hugged and combed hence his fake-fur is extra long. 
Fake-suede parts are shaded with dye to make him more characteristic.
Déjà vu is not a toy, I recommend him for collectors. 
QR code and certificate is attached. 

Gabi Sieve

Milyen jó, ha az embert becsvágyak fűtik! Még szerencse, hogy nekem annyi van. És az egészben az a legjobb, hogy soha nem fogyok ki belőlük! Amint elérem az egyik célt, már ott ragyog előttem a másik. Ettől olyan érdekes az élet. Lucy Maud Montgomery

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