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2013. április 15., hétfő

Sugar baby OOAK art teddy (Sieve)

 Sugar baby

...is 42 cm-16,5 inches tall, made of caramel coloured fake fur I on the basis of my own pattern, just for fun :)

The bear's "bald"  stomach, limbs and her tiny cheeks are elaborated and painted with a special meterial, from wihch the substance has a kind of sugar-coated effect.
Her limbs move with traditional whirls, her body is stuffed with vlies.
 She has glass eyes, with eyelids and eyelashes
Her nose is a hand sewed nose that I polished with a special shiny material.
You may manage to get it on a very fabuurable price, directly and exclusievely from the artist now!

Please look at the pictures!

The bear is beautiful, unique and unrepeatable one!
With a charming appearance, such a lovely little one!

I ask you to support the artist, express your interest on my fan page and share them with your friends!

Don' hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!
Let's be a happy Gabi (Sieve) bear owner, since Sieve is Hungary's absolute first, and one of Europe's bear designer and maker artist.

Gabi (Sieve)


My prizes:
-2003-2007 1st place on a Hungary,s international bear competition
-2005 Absolute 1st on Linzi Teddy Bear Show Austria
-2006 I won on Hungary' largest creating-artist competition, on wich I deserved the "Nivo" prize
-2008-2010 in all three years I. I received the 1st prize for my dressed sculpture dolls
-2007 I won the 1st prize again for my textile sculpture dolls, then after all these
In 2009 I deserved the master golden diploma
And 2010 I got the diamond master title as a crown of my far artistic pursuits so far

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