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2013. április 13., szombat

My big Malay bear


My big Malay bear ,OOAK artistic bear/Gabi Sieve

-I felt in love with Malay bears,  because they are so sweet, their heads and their whole appearances are very funny. -

He was prepared from special black fake fur, on the basis of my own created pattern. His body is stuffed with polyester vlies.

His limbs move with traditional whirls.

The nose ridge/cheek, paws and sole were made of work velour, which I coloured first, then dotted and elaborated it with acryl.

I rolled  and sewed his nose from real leather, which I polished with a special material so as to create  a "snotty" impression.

He has glass eyes, with eyelids, eyelashes,and he has a "rheumy" look.

There is an  antique lace in his neck ( baby, baby effect) , what I coloured mildly and artificially  and I emphasized it with a satin band.

His parameters:

Height: 46 cm

his sitting height: 30 cm

his sitting width :39 cm

His paws were directly planned  to "rough-and-ready" , from which it became so lovely

Unrepeatable and unique bear, I recommend it a collector, or children over the age of 12 because it is not a toy.

You can only buy it directly from the artist herself, therefore it has very favourable price.

I would be glad to find a loving host since he is a very special bear!

You will also receive a certificate with QR code, szitagabi signature and a year on his feet

Don' hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Let's be a happy Gabi (Sieve) bear owner, since Sieve is Hungary's absolute first , and one of Europe's best bear designer and maker artist.

Gabi (Sieve)

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