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2013. április 9., kedd

Pomponella OOAK art teddy bear.Gabi (Sieve)


The artist, Gabi Sieve offers her beautiful bear for adoption.

Pomponella is my 37 cm tall (14,5 inches) unique bear!She was prepared from special fake fur, on the basis of my own created pattern.
He has big blown glass eyes, with eyelids, eyelashes, and a dreamy look.

His limbs move with traditional whirls. I coloured it and elaborated the velour parts, from which the being of the bear became even more expressive. 
He has a hand- sewed nose that I treated with a special varnish, therefore it is shining brightly.
His body is stuffed with polyester vlies.

I recommend it a collector, or children over the age of 12 because it is not a toy.

Beautiful unique bear, that I prepared with my heart, my soul, with my two hands -relying on my fantasy- FOR YOU!:)

Unrepeatable and unique bear!
If you like it and you cannot live without it, or if you have any questions, please write please an e-mail for the following e-mail address:

sieve999@gmail. com

Take the opportunity to buy from the artist herself, directly from Gabi Sieve!

2 megjegyzés:

Kays Kids írta...

What a lovely bear. She looks a little shy.

Sieve írta...

Sweet teddy bear!
A little bit sad, to be comforted.


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