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2013. április 19., péntek

James OOak art teddy bear/Sieve

" Bear to be wild. born to ride"

James (afterJames Dean & Orange County) the motorcyclist bear
James is rather a serious bear than a ' rebeilious' teddy bear and his clothing emphasizes his moxie and the motorcyclist's style, feeling.

The bear is made of real fur (recycled) panofix, I sewed it with much needlework.
I elaborated and coloured the velour limbs, it in order for him to emphasize his paws.

I shaped his fingernails one by one, I burned then ( fimo ceramics modelling clay) and applicated to the limbs.
His eyes are special, hand-made, with applicated eyelids.
Her limbs move with traditional whirls, her body is stuffed with vlies.
His nose is hand-made of real leather, the edge of the mouth is also from leather, and his lower lip is pointed so cute.:)
Really special Sieve bear, witch is unique of course, and unrepeatable!
His clothing,I mean his lacket and his headscarf,emphasizes his personality and motorcyclist's lifestyle.
He has an earring in his right ear therefore he is even cooler. In the better ear of the bear circle earring, from which, if he may be, even cooler!:)

His height: 55 cm

His sitting height: 36 cm

 I recommend him only for collectors, he is not a toy!

He can be a very interresting and beautiful gift for ( motocyclist) men, a women and for

everybody, who likes the special, artistic bears!

You can see I did my best to let you see him in his euthentic environment:)

James has certificate + QR a code , but signed his right paw and I also wrote the date of his 

birth there.

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