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2013. április 16., kedd

Charles pilot OOAK art teddy bear (Sieve)

Charles is prepared from a special fake fur that has an antique look, according to my typical pattern.

His height: 47 cm, 18,5 inches

The body is stuffed with vlies his limbs and his head move with traditional whirls, but I made Charles's sole rigid with thick cardboard, from which the bear can stand.
His nose ridge made bald, his nose is a hand-sewed nose with shiny glaze.
He has eyes glass eyes, with eyelids and light-coloured eyelashes.
I designed and sewed his clothing myself, using leatherette and real leather.
I planned and made the glasses as well, in order to have a standard outlook.

Why a pilot?

Because I am a Hungarian bear designer and I tried to create the famous Hungarian Count László Almásy, at least I thought of him when I prepared my bear.

Count Almásy, remember the movie 'The English Patient'

 Look at the pictures and you may see it how much meticulous work a love can be found in him and he only waits for you to carry him for yourself only, or as gift!

You will also receive a certificate with QR code, szitagabi signature and a year on his feet

Isn't this offer very good?

not hesitate, let Charles be yours!

Gabi (Sieve)

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