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2013. november 5., kedd

Black diamond OOAK art teddy bears By Sieve

9.8 inches (25 centimeters)

Black diamond OOAK teddy bears by Sieve

They were made of antique ( recycled) artificial fur prepared on the basis of my own idea and patterns.
The bigger teddy's altitude is 25 cm , slender does not have a squat build. Her eyes are glass eyes, his arms are flexible. On her nose and the paws of her hands I cut the fur, faded, elaborated it, and I did them on her cheek as well.
She has three lines of strass in her ornament, which is joined with a yellow satin band at the back .
Her friend is the little one who is 11 cm tall.
I prepared her with the procedure, than the bigger one, but she has single-breasted strass, that is also joined with a yellow satin band at the back.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

Gabi (Sieve)

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