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2013. október 3., csütörtök

The Great Ice Olov – REALISTIC polar bear

The most important thing to know about him, that this bear is an unrepeatable, individual bear.
(I didn’ t even make any patterns for him.)

His face and paws were made of fimo, burnable plastic that I formatted, burned and painted.

His eyes are bright blue acrylic "doll's eyes", emphasized with eye lashes.

The painted and shaded the ceramic limbs (Genesis oil paints), which even more emphasizes the realism of


This polar bear is also a unique type of bear from me.

As a first prize awarded master of diamond and gold laureate and as a master of the International Teddy

Bears and Dolls Competition I am trying to make the most realistic bears only for serious collectors.

Its body is in a wireframe, I saw the fur on it.

His sitting height is :36 cm

His legs has 50 cm between each other.

Really time consuming masterpiece, almost realistic, but there is humour and love in it that is makes it so

special „Szita” bear. :)

I recommend this work all by my heart to his future owner!

Gabi (Sieve)

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