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2013. október 31., csütörtök

Ajbars, OOAK unique teddy bear By Sieve

16.5 inches (42 centimeters)

"Ajbars" is his name ( this a Hungarian name) OOAK ,unique Sieve, artistic bear.

The bear I planned it according to my own idea and patterns.
42 cm tall, artificial fur bear. His limbs, the cheek, and paws are shaded artifical velour.
His body is stuffed with vlies. His limbs can move traditionaly.
His glass eyes were made to prepared for him.He has such a rascaly look :) from which the bear is cuddly and lovely. His eyelid and eyelash emphasize it friendly look!

I prepared his clothing, that already has Christmas feeling.
I recommend it Ajbar only for collectors, since he is not washable. A beautiful Christmas gift.
I am the rewarded artist of the bear. I prepared it with big affection, for you, even for you!

by Sieve

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