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2014. január 28., kedd

Lupe OOAK art bear

She is such a one of a kind teddy bear lady. She is the pair of Huey. She is also a fantastic, unique teddy bear; I did not even make a pattern for her.
She was made only according to my fantasy and my knowledge.
The bear is ... cm tall and his limbs can be moved in five points.
Her face was made of fimo, without a gage. Her eyes are Hungarian handmade, high quality eyes. I shaded her cheek with acril, and covered with lack, except the eyes and the area of the eyes, nose and mouth, that I painted with bright lack.
She has a bright, little tear drop in her right eye that expresses how much she loves you and wants to take her home..
She is almost a human being; at least his look expresses human feelings.
Gorgeous lady made of special fake fur and she has soft, shaded paws.
She has a little bit more squattish body than Huey.
You should know that this bear was really made of by an artist; he is a real artistic creature, not a kind of hobby category.

Gabi (Sieve)

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