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2011. december 8., csütörtök

SIEVE Teddy Bear “Miss Mica” XMASS FEELING

Size: 35 Cm (13.8 Inch) standing,
28 Cm (11 Inch) sitting
She is a UNIQUE handmade artist bear made of fake fur based on my own design and pattern.
She has special green glass eyes with lids. Her paws and nose made of own shaded velour. Her clothes have a fine white stuff and the snowballs on the clothes made of fake fur.
Her body filled with frieze and has rotating limbs.
On her white wings there are silver garland and plum. The light violet ribbon emphasises her angelic look.
There is a shiny stone on the nose of the Snow-angel so she was dubbed “Miss Mica”.
Her stomach is bald so you can see her belly button.
I prepared her with much affection and I spent lots of time to frame this unique Christmas spirit teddy bear for collectors.
My signature is on her sole proving is it a “Sieve” creation.

Gabi (Sieve)

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